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LV CnR Version 2.9
House Security
  • Houses owners are able to purchase security upgrades for there houses.
  • Security features Include :- Alarm,Camera,Dog & An upgraded lock
  • Alarm: Sends a report to you when someone robs or breaks into your house
    Camera: Shows the name of the person who robbed or broke into your house
    Dog: Attempt's to kill/bite the player who broke into/robbed your house
    Lock Upgrade: Titanium plated lock - making your house 75% harder to break into
House For Sale
  • You Can now put your house up for sale.
  • You set the price,players can purchase it while you are online or offline.
  • If it's sold while you're offline, you will receive the money the next time you spawn...
  • Fixed A Few Minor Bugs.
  • Updated The Gps System! It almost has all locations
  • Redid fish selling and updated the fishing shop, also added more fish stats.
  • Skill Is Now Saved. You Must Visit the city hall to change it.
We've added a new scheme to donate, viz., Phone Call Payment. This is to address those donators, who do not have access to credit/debit cards & PayPal Account. Thank you donators!
LV CnR Mega Version 2.8
House Taxes
  • Houses owners are to pay property taxes.
  • Taxes Are automatically paid every 2-3 game days.
  • Taxes are based on your money storage and your property cost.
  • Taxes apply for all players, donating players will pay lesser house taxes.
    House Delivery

  • This means that you can find the house delivery checkpoint and start a random house delivery!

  • It sets a gps on a random house and you have to deliver goods and get money & score!
    Gps System Updated

  • An Arrow is now shown while you use the gps

  • it points to your destination.

  • The distance and directions are shown on screen bottom.
  • Use /gps to show gps menu. Again /gps to set gps off.
    Spiced Up /cmds

    /Cmds is now made better for you to view in a graphic set menu to find out all of LV CnR Commands!
    Updated Group System

    New Group Commands and updated group system.
    New Class Selection

    While selecting your skin,
    experience the new Class Selection effects!
    Money Pickups

    Random money pickups all over San Andreas Now! Each money pickup is worth10k.
    Horse Shoes

    Horseshoe's from GTA SA now! Collect all 50 and Win special prizes!
Our Donators!
Thank you donators! You're helping the community grow! See our new donators list.
Why not donate? Click Here!
New Server IP!
  • The Server Is Now Back! with a new IP and version 2.7! which includes some bug fixes.
  • New Server IP:
db's CnR Players/Regs


The Players of db's CnR would get back their stats on the new server you'd play on. Please PM db on forums.LasVenturas.net about your details, so that the stats can be set.


Also, db's regs have been updated on LV CnR's reg list. Please visit the regular players page. Thanks for joining us!

Server Version 2.5
  • We've updated the server to version 2.5! Which includes some fixed bugs/features!
  • Fuel Now Goes Down!
  • Type /rank or /Coprank to view your current coprank! (law enforcement only)
  • And Skin Saving! your skins and team are now saved and loaded!
  • Alot More cool fires for our fire fighters!
  • You will lose your house if it hasn't been visited by someone with the keys or you the owner within 2 weeks!
Web Based IRC Chat Installed!

We're proud to announce that the website now has been loaded with the latest version of JAVA Based Web IRC Chat.

Those who're new to IRC, or don't know how to connect, don't worry! You're just a click away from the LV CnR IRC Community!

Click here to know more

Donate to the server

Donate to keep the server running! The server needs you! DONATE NOW!

Server ver. 2.1 Crashes Fixed

Now Enjoy the new version 2.1, which is completely crash free. The server crashing has been fixed!

2000 Page Visits!  

2000 Page visits Already!! Good Advertising.

New Stuff!!  
  •   Add Neon Lights to your car! Visit Pay 'n' Spray,   Redsands.
  • Visit the new island at Prickle Pine.
  • A new Volcano has erupted in the city! Find out!
  • Are you lost? Find way home! Use /gps
  • /Plate <any text>- Changes the vehicle number plate.
            Eg., /plate LVCNR
  • /robhelp - Find the places in the City to rob!


Happy New Year!!!  

LV CnR Team wishes its players a very happy  New Year!

    X-Mas/New Year Updates
       /Santa - Get a cool Santa Cap!
      /gift - Go to any Xmas tree and type to get   
               surprising gifts!
             - Bots randomly give away awesome gifts!
             - Many Celebrations around the city!
             - Now can rob anywhere over San Andreas!


 0.3C Updated Server!

Hello everyone! Please note that SA-MP 0.3c has now been released! The server has been updated to 0.3c, so you will have to download and install the new SA-MP Client.

Visit the SA-MP Website to download the SA-MP 0.3c Client or visit our Downloads section.

Official Media Links

We're proud to announce that we've collaborated with various media partners. Now stay connected to us 24/7 even in real life! Follow us on:







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